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2017, video / performance / installatie
This video was made in January 2015 during my second bachelor at Luca School of Arts Ghent. After some editing I Iet this rest for a while. During November 2017 I came back to this video to start a new montage with it.
The video was made during 'a weekly individual trip' where I chose to go to my grandparents place. They didn't lived there anymore the moment I went filming, but all the furniture was still there. There house is based above a restaurant that is called 'Het Palinghuis'. It's a restaurant that exists already three generations and was given from mother to daughter. At this moment my aunt Annemie Pauwels and her husband Filip Van den Broeck are the owners of the restaurant.
I give you this information because I'm proud to be part of this family business and soon it will all stop, the house above the restaurant is already renovated and the restaurant will soon close it's doors. But beside this I think the video can work on its own, even if you didn't know anything about this background information.